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Moon above. Earth below. Peace inside.

Welcome to my website. As a yoga teacher, I would like to make yoga practice accessible and enjoyable for anyone who wants to be part of it. Want to know more?

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Breathe into Yoga

I believe that our life should be full of joy and gratitude, instead of judgement and comparisons. These principals lay in the base of my yoga practice. I am determined to help my clients to find a connection to themselves and improve their health, both mental and physical. Book your class now and enjoy all the benefits of yoga.

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Seasonal Yoga Classes in Alton for all levels

Seasonal Yoga flow is a style of dynamic Yoga practice which is designed to align you with the changing energies of nature and the seasons. Regular practice of yoga has got so many advantages, some of them are positive energy, improved strength, posture, circulation,  flexibility, body awareness, as well as reduced stress and anxiety.

Yoga Class

Group Classes

Yoga is selfcare

Group classes consist of asanas (yoga poses) made into a flow, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. Helping you to improve your balance, enhance your flexibility and promote mental wellbeing.

Yoga at Home

Private Yoga Lesson

Yoga to calm your mind

This type of lessons will help you deepen your practice. The main focus of these lessons is to correct posture, where needed, breath technique, letting you work your body and mind through. Beginners will also massively benefit from those lessons as the exercises and postures are adapted to each individual.

Online Yoga

Online Yoga

In harmony with yourself

If you are tired of stressful everyday life and need to pause and let go, if your life is hectic and you are struggling to find time for yourself, if you need an order inside and out - online yoga is for you. Relax during the meditation after asana practice, which gives you renewal and helps concentration. Online classes are recorded on demand.

Yoga Class

Групповое занятие

Йога — это забота о себе

Как опытный Yolga, я придерживаюсь индивидуального подхода. Групповое занятие позволяет учесть все ваши потребности и график. Как часть моего целостного подхода, Групповое занятие объединяет в себе позы йоги (асаны) и дыхательные практики.

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What people say

Read the reviews to see how yoga can help you as an individual before booking a class with me

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Olga has helped move me with yoga. The classes are seamless and spiritual. Olga takes the time to know her clients and individualise the practice to suit them. The parting crystal was so special. Cannot wait to do more yoga with Olga.

Claire, from Alton


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Alton GU34 2LJ, UK

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